Praise Rapid Bike Recovery

Well it’s a lot of praise for Steve, picked up the track bike from OMC and delivered it on route to another job up north and instead of paying him the LB reduced rate he told me to donate the money to our London 2 Brighton fundraising - top bloke. :smiley:
Number saved for future use and will get the teas in next time your up the Ace! :slight_smile:

Steve is a top bloke. He gets a lot of undeserved stick on here.

Yes, great work Steve, although I didn’t meet you as I was upstairs suffering with hangover I very much appreciate it and to say we can donate the money to our charity bike ride was a lovely thing to do, it will show on Sean’s just giving page shortly, thank you again, I would definately recommend you to anyone I know needing bike transport.

Once again big thanks to Steve, I can’t really say a bad thing about him. Everything went exactly as planned and much cheaper than others so if you need your bike transported this is definitely the way to go