Praise: R&G heated grips


Everyone seems to fit oxford heated grips, I tried them this morning up to 100% and they weren’t as hot as R&G ones, I’d say equivalent heat would be 60% for those.
If your oxford grips don’t get hot enough for you, that’s the answer. The controller is a lot neater looking as well.


I had a set of Dr bike ones which are visually identical as the r and g ones, wore out very quickly but only £20.

Not sure if it’s the same rubber as r and g, but the same design


I switched to Gerbing heated gloves last winter. Much better. They even heat your fingers.


did this a few years ago and havent looked back.
you just cant compare heated gloves with grips


I have heated grips & gloves


Muff, glorious muff…

I had r&g heated grips and they lasted 1 winter. Died in spring. Although the Oxford ones I had didn’t last much longer…


Game Changer! Only just seen this
heated muffs!


Heated muffs. That’s insane. I was going to chime in with my usual remark about muffs but it looks like the bar has been raised already with heated muffs.

Anyway your fingers get cold because of heat transfer by convection from the wind blast. Muffs remove the wind blast so your fingers stay warm. They are much more effective than heated grips, however, some say that the combination of heated grips and muffs is motorcycling utopia.

Don’t give a second thought as to whether you can still find the controls if you can’t see them. They are still in the same place and you never look at them anyway. I kept mine on all year round. Once they are fitted you won’t notice them other than visually.


Not sure which Oxford ones you’ve been looking at, but I think that the latest controller is quite smart looking myself


I have these and I cant have them on 100% as they get too hot!
Had mine on for 2 and a half years and would recommend!


R&G switch looks like this


Ah good reminder, that’s the other thing with the r&g… Can only go one way with the controller. So if you want to turn them down, have to go all way ‘round’


I think the Honda controller looks quite smart. Apart for having no idea which setting it is on, the light flashes a few times when you change it, but then stays solid red. Only three heat settings too, but that seems fine.



Do the R&G ones have power saving/auto off once the ignition is switched off?

I found with muffs that if it rains then they get soaking wet and take ages to dry out.


From what I remember, no, you have to wire them in an appropriate way for them to turn off when ignition is switched off.

I used the Tucano Urbano muffs and can’t say I noticed an excessively long time to dry out. And they were always dry on inside.


I think you were using cheap muffs. Tucano Urbano Muffs don’t get wet on the inside and the outside doesn’t absorb water. The outer is made of a waterproof material like textile jackets.


Funnily enough, I may have a pair somewhere here that is completely unopened. I bought them a couple of years ago to fit on my bike when I thought work was removing my car space.

That never happened, I changed jobs and now have no intention of riding through winter…

I’ll try and find them and might just put them up for sale…


Mine were Tucano Urbano muffs but where furry lined on the inside. If I parked up and it was raining, they would soak up the rain all day.


Oxford ones have this


Happy days heated muff!