Praise - Powerful Big D!

I recently had a massive brake problem with a hugely warped disk making biking absolutely no fun, and quite dangerous!

New disks were not really an option within the budget so I put some feelers out and Dan got back to me saying he had some…long story short I popped round to see him, had a good chat etc then got a new(er) set of wavy disks for a lot less than the going rate! Now my braking is back to smooth and powerful and the bike is a joy to ride.

Make sure to give him a call if you need any bits - if he doesn’t have them he probably knows someone who does!

Here’s his current thread for reference:

We’re on the road again!

Any idea ono an Aprilia Pegaso Strada 2008? Engine cases and radiator in the main

@ Alex - My pleasure fella happy to help :slight_smile:

@ Unluckysaxon - PM sent