Praise - Pinlock ProtecTint Visor Insert

Tried out their photochromatic visor insert today, I must say, I really like it. Darkens just enough when the sun comes out, lightens up when entering tunnels, np.

Save all that fussing around changing visors or mucking about with sun glasses.

Interesting… Does it fit all helmets or do you have to buy a helmet specific one?

Sorry, should of said. No their visor specific, mine being shoei XR 1100. There’s a drop down menu on their webby where you can find out if they do it for your lid.

I’ve got the Xr1100 as well so might try it out… though my pins on the visor are fucked so need to fix those first!

Sweet, looks good. Might have to get me one of these. Where did you get yours from?
I also use one of these SUNAX things ( ) just to keep that annoying low-level sun out of my eyes and it never interferes with my vision - but then I’m not on a sports bike so not leaning forward much.

Doesn’t seem the easiest thing to buy though…

Wow, not the best review for a £45 product -

Pinlocks are very sensitive and cleaning has to be done carefully… could be that he completely messed it up!

LOL agreed, I was like a man possesed fitting it!! My 3 year daughter came over, big sticky hands… nom nom nom blureaaaahhh!! icky monster… was like, ahhhhhrrrrghh, keep away, keep away from daddy!!

It is expensive, but it covers off many issues in one go, sun shade, anti fog etc = safety in my book.

So far I like it, s’good enough for me.

Great idea but let down by it’s lack of durability, 23 Oct 2010

Coating came off when I cleaned it.

Obviously didn’t read the manual I think.

As a side note when can we move to a forum software that can quote properly.

You can clean them but just sticking it under running cold water and dry them with a cold hairdrier…

Doesn’t work if you live in an area with hard water though! :smiley:


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I’ve had mine (also in a XR1100) for nearly two years. It’s superb for commuting as it doesn’t matter what the weather does or if I get stuck at work into the dark etc.

It’s not as dark as my “track use only” visor but it’s dark enough and goes 100% clear when needed.

Expensive but well worth it.

I clean mine with liquid soap and lots of water (we’ve got a water softener) and then just leave it on the window sill to dry.

How do they react to strong headlights or is the uv from the sun that activates them

I’m sure its UV only… he says…

That’s such an intuitive user experience I can’t understand why I didn’t figure it out on my own.