Praise - PDQ and FWR

Got the trike repaired and serviced at PDQ, cost a small fortune but there was quite a lot to be done. Larry Webb knocked 6 hours labour off the bill and when I went back to get a couple of things finished off, no charge. 20 years of V-Max experience is well worth it to me too.

FWR tyres, 330 Kennington Road. Bob there spent quite a bit of effort chasing an Avon 110/90 for me and once it had materialised, had the front swapped out in no time, all for £80. Good place, good people, decent prices.

PDQ rock. I took a recently-acquired 7R to them a couple of years ago with fuelling all over the place and they gave it back to me with a torque curve so linear you could put it in your pencil case and use it as a ruler.