Praise: Optiflow / Adam Bishop

I bought a bashed up, rust-bucket of a piece of Honda engineering relic some months ago. It was a 1989 CBR400RR, which has been left unattended for quite some time. But it was cheap, so I bought it off the evil bay unseen.

With a new battery and some fresh fuel I got it to start but it wasn’t running exactly smoothly, and fearing that something sinister might be lurking in the engine or clutch, I rang Adam at Optiflow who managed to book me in. Within a couple of days he came to fix my bike.

Adam arrived on time, with his van and diagnostic equipment, and got on with what repairs that needed to be done. Turns out that the bike had some blocked nozzles in the carburettors. One by one, lovingly and patiently Adam took them off, and cleaned them, unblocked them, like my rusty-relic was his own.

The bike has other issues too, given the neglect that it had suffered at the hands of the previous owners. Adam got on with fixing them for me. The repairs are not finished yet and I’ll need to ask Adam to come over one more time to fix the last few bits once I have sourced the replacement parts.

Yes, there is a call out charge, and a hourly rate. But given that the bike is on SORN, and I have no van, and my motorcycle repair skills very limited, he has been a God-send.

I will certainly call him again if ever I need work done on my bike.