Praise OMC

Well done Matt.
Rocked up a few days before my MOT with a couple or three possible niggles.
Quick check, yes they are borderline.

Went down the local Mot station, failed on two separate issues.

  1. Horn. Worked when I pressed it so down to one.
  2. Front suspension, insufficient movement, apparently one fork pressurised with air.:w00t:

Matt lets out air.:cool:

I return to MOT, honk horn on arrival and brake hard. That`s a pass.:rolleyes:

Where did you MOT it?

Toys R Us by the sound of it :w00t:


Oh v.good Mr J :slight_smile:

TBH my bike is perfect in every way and more perfect after Matt gave it a good kicking at the end of the day.:smiley:

did you check the oil level?


You mean noughty… right? :smiley:


Is this the hidden gems thread :ermm: