Praise OMC BB2.75 has working front suspension.

Well it`s a miracle that,

A. I now have fully functional front suspension.

B. I`ve ridden for some time without.

78,500 + miles of accumulated shite flushed out new seals and bushes etc and the front end is compliant.

Just wait till I fit my new discs, pads, piston seals and master cylinder rebuild, then I`ll be able to brake nicely.

Amazing what you learn to live with.:slight_smile:

Have been YouTubing with Delboys Garage :ermm:

‘New discs, pads, piston seals and a master cylinder rebuild’ all in one session does sound like you’ve let it go a bit, that’s what comes of skipping those dealership £1,500 interim services :wink:

Between this and your Audi that went 125k miles without an oil change, I take it you’re not big on servicing then? :slight_smile:

You’ll get rid of those chicken strips in no time now :wink:

Now with new discs, pads, caliper piston seals and a master cylinder rebuild.

Now I can stop, before, after or during any bumps. :slight_smile:

Remove disk lock and add water :wink:

Is them rusty bits or did you go a little OTT with the copper grease?

You can never have enough copper grease. :stuck_out_tongue:

So you emptied the tube :Whistling:

Steady. It came in a gallon pot with a 4 inch brush. Tough to be subtle in those circumstances. :doze:

I prefer a smear of red grease personally. Smooth smooth smooth.

Smoother action, less prone to rot the dust seals. Only use copper grease on bolts now. Them Triumph calipers are ace though, I miss my Sprint RS sooo much. Sniff.

Well fair play at the end of the day a proper job done proper. Even the wheels back on the right way, so nice of them Triumph bods to incorporate arrows in the spoke castings :wink: