Praise - Ollie Lewin, trading as Premier Motorcycle Service & Repair

Just wanted to give my friend and Suzuki mechanic, Ollie Lewin, a shout as he did a great job on my bike, as always.

The Bandit developed a coolant leak in a difficult to reach area near the top of engine. I emailed Ollie on Saturday, arranged to drop it off to him on Monday night with a big list of other things to do, I now have my bike back with leak fixed, new clutch and brake fluid, new clutch bush thingy (which has completely transformed the ease/smoothness of the gear changing), and a bunch of other things which basically makes my 7 year old Bandit 1250 with 70k miles on the clock feel like a brand new bike again - happens every time I take the bike to him so I now refer to it as the “Ollie effect”. He seems to work magic on that bike. Price was very reasonable as well.

I have been using Ollie’s services for about five years and have always been very happy with his work. He has my highest recommendation.

His website here.

Last paragraph is a bit of a low blow isn’t it? :confused:

Yes, i thought that when i read it, and i have no allegience to anyone as i do all my mechanical work myself!

Jaime that was entirely unintended - helpful advice to whoever had that issue - so have deleted it to avoid further confusion/sensitivity

:slight_smile: cool beans bro

Fyi, I contacted Ollie for an estimate for my bikes :slight_smile: