Praise: NumNum yet again!

So today I was trying to fit my new bar risers…and I messed up - solid steel bolts somehow managed to eat the first couple of threads from the soft alloy on the bike, and siezed so I couldn’t even remove the bolt.

I’m sitting there in a panic, and I send an SOS to NumNum asking for advice…and he appears in a puff of smoke (from dual akropovics on the back of the superduke) and spends over three hours sorting it out with me. Then he also fits my new exhaust, because knowing my mechanical ability I’d probably even screw something as simple as that up, and vanishes home, refusing all offers of recompense.

This guy is just incredible, thanks NumNum!

sounds more and more like a fairy godmother to me…does his bike run on stardust? :smiley:

I think it eats babies…

Num Num makes my balls bounce :kiss:


We should maybe start a new religion, with Numnum as our God?

my kinda guy :smiley:

It dont eat babies :blink:… It runs on puppies and kittens :smiley:

And Simon … Dont forget you have a sony phones texting nonsense to hack into and repair :wink: