Praise - Mtec Mark Mobile Mechanic

When my R1 decided to stop working the day before catching the ferry to the start of my planned trip around Europe, I called Mark.

He wasn’t able to come around in time for me to make the ferry, which was understandable as it was a Sunday when he could make it and when I was due to leave, but he did a thorough job in troubleshooting the errant bike, asking me questions to help him, and trying various things.

The Power Commander was eventually identified as the faulty component and the bike fired up when it was disconnected.

Great bloke and I would definitely use him again as his rates are pretty decent.

Contact him on 07880578236.

That’s handy to know. Whereabouts is he based?

Did you have a good one?

I’ve used him before… top bloke. I think he is based in Croydon but will travel most places in London