Praise - Motogirl


I am a short round, short legged big chested girl… I am not standard fit for almost 100% of the industry, I used jackets and trousers where my armour was dangling around my wrists/ankles, that is until I found Motogirl.

This wonderful company run by lovely ladies who are also bikers produce brillient pieces of kit in a VERY wide range of sizes and AND!! make trousers short enough that I don’t have to roll them up and the knees are actually where my knees are. I have been using their motogirl leggings for well over a year now every day and they are simply supurb, they have now produced a light weight kevlar jacket that I know I am going to love and use every day, even at work I’d be able to go out in it and people not wonder why I need body armour for lunch.

But not only that, they bend over backwards for their customers, and they listen to feedback and actively work on improving and perfecting their products.

They tend to go to shows, so say hi if you see them. I am ever so grateful to them for creating fantastic motorcycle gear for all the ladies out there, no matter what size you are.

Thank you so much