Praise, Metropolis VX, Yes, Metropolis.

Great service at Metropolis VX branch

After reading previous topics related to Metropolis VX branch, you would expect yet another tale of woe.

NO quite the opposite, I wanted a new piaggio NRG scooter, last years colour as this years colours are rank, phoned Metropolis spoke to Alex.(sales team)

The events happened like this:

Metropolis had a red piaggio NRG scooter in stock, due for return as it was wrongly delivered to metropolis.

Alex stopped the return, got the sale authorised and sorted out a very good price on the bike.

Not happy that the bike was the right 2007 model or colour, I asked to see the bike.(Lets test the customer service).

No problem say’s Alex come up and I’ll take you to the warehouse to look at the bike.

We arrive on a Sunday morning unannounced, Alex gets the keys and takes us on a 5 minute walk to the warehouse/yard, we eventually reach the sealed pallets and boxes, he then opens the box right up and lets me see the bike. As described it was the right model.

On the way back to the branch, pleasant conversation, no rush or attitude, we then completed the deal, He also helped with the insurance deal and the delivery of the bike, we then arranged pick up for the following week.

The bike was ready on time, Alex checked we were happy after the bike was delivered and also showed an interest on how my son reacted when he got his sixteenth birthday surprise, all this from a dealership that many people say does not care about customer service.

I did not walk into the dealership with 10k+ to spend, in fact we spent less than 2k in total, the customer service was very good 10/10.

Just trying to balance some of the negative comments i’ve read about metropolis in the past, I can assure you that if the service was not good I would have been hitting the shame keys.

Well done guys, keep the prices competitive, look after every customer the same, it does’nt matter if he spends 10k or fifty pence.


By the way when you read this I expect a mega discount next time I’m passing.

The service sounds great from them as long as they are taking your money. The gripes seem to start once they have gotten your dough;)

That’s what it looks like from reading previous posts about them - they did put us off

I’m with Chunky on this. Sales seem to be fine, it’s everything after. I went in on Saturday to see what boots they had in, walk past a salesman trying to convince a guy that an R1 would make a good first bike.

Well first AND last, anyway…:slight_smile:

They probably want to make money from when he brings it back after he has driven it into a lorry/bus/tree/cyclist (oops, no not a cyclist…) and wants all the fairings repaired…

People assume that because they’re buying from a big dealer they feel confident about aftersales and service.