Praise - lovely plates

Just had a really nice legal 7x6 plate for the 900SS made up by . Arrived first class post, exactly as I ordered and less than a tenner. Their leaflet inside said ‘please tell your friends’, so I am.

good man - I was looking for a decent plate making site. Cheers

I’m awaiting one to be delivered at the mo. The plate was £9.99, although it’s another £2.50 for postage (even 2nd class) or £2.99 1st class, £5 recorded del.:w00t:

Will let you know if what turns up is what i hoped for,:wink:

is a 7x6 legal?

No, it’s 9"x7"

On that site there seems to be a lot of font options and font size options… what’s legal?? Also, there’s an option for ‘Bike badge’ to put on the side of the plate, are those legal?

only one style of font but 3D is ok.

No legal size of plate is given but the size of the letters are and the layout is important too.

It is not possable to fit the correct size letters onto a 7x6 plate.

This is the very same book we use at work.

If they told you the plates were legal maybe you should change this to shame.

No football flags only country flags.

As for the post that says stick it over the other plate that would be ok but we would check if its secure so do it the day before to make sure it wont fall off.