Praise LB and London Ambulance

Well as a lot of you know I had an off yesterday and have messed up my collarbone… First of all thank you all for all the Get Well messages, it’s been much appreciated and keeps me smiling. Also for all the offers of help and support, it really makes you feel warm inside :slight_smile:

But wanted to give a special thanks to Ricco, who despite his own injuries went and checked on my bike (which the police left unlocked and without the disc lock I told them was under the seat) and then took it to HG in Stockwell.

The guys there, led by our very own FB paul have been great and are looking after my bike overnight as I couldn’t arrange someone to pick it up today.

JAime and Claire, are also greatly helping out by using his van to move my bike tomorrow so a big big praise to them as well!

Simon (OMC Simon), Nivag and Amit have all really helped me out by giving my advice and offering to pick the bike up themselves allowing me to relax in the knowledge that my bike will be looked after. Gavin was also ready to come pick me up from the hospital but the taxi (and my drug induced delirium) beat him to it!

I really can’t thank everyone on LB enough and it’s why I love coming here…:slight_smile:

Stay safe guys and if anyone wants a coffee they are welcome here :smiley:

I think I’ve remembered everything but if not , I’m blaming the meds!

Oh yeah… Big Big praise also to the London Ambulance crew and the staff at the Kings College hospital that collected me and made it as easy for me despite being in pain.

Wonder how much the gsr is worth :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe:

Get well soon mate.

Oh no, get well soon Alex!

My plan is to make it a collectors item… the bike that withstood the most abuse, without going rat

You after a new engine?

GWS xx

Touché! :smiley:

well done to all who helped, it really means a lot when you have a crash.

Ahhh so much love going round it’s great

Get better soon buddy

bike safe and sound at Alex house. new brake lever and clear indicator lense. bike has cosmetic scuffs otherwise absolutely fine :slight_smile:

great work everyone!

that’s what its all about