Praise - Kriega (warranty)

Bought an R25 back in 2011 and it’s pretty much been used every working day since then in all weather including snow and lots of rain. It’s also been through the washing machine several times and whilst it was holding up remarkably well it was starting to look a bit tatty. It was also the old model with the silver hoops on the front straps that made you look like you were wearing a parachute.

The internal ‘waterproof’ pocket had frayed over the years so I thought I’d be cheeky and email Kriega to see if the internal pocket was covered by their 10 year warranty.

Prompt reply, returned the old bag for inspection and they have posted me a brand new R25 as a replacement!

Was likely to replace the old bag with a new Kriega anyway, I appreciate they are expensive but they really do make carrying any weight effortless.

So, thanks Kriega for a pain free replacement and for honouring the warranty (despite their terms stating ‘Please note that our 10-year warranty is for material defects at time of production and does not cover general wear & tear of goods’).