praise krazie needles 3

big thanks to stacy for me new tatoo.done a great job yet again.:slight_smile:

pictures will be up soon

oh and a big thanks to terrymoto:D

No probs mate, anytime you need help with Idea’s Just hope it’s got all the fine detail that Artkore’s work has and deserve’s I’ll let you know if it aint

What did you have done this time Tug?

lol once again, your welcome.see you next week lol :slight_smile:

dont you go spitting your dummy out again.had enough of that last week:w00t:t

thanks stacy;)

looks like quality work :slight_smile:

well pleased with what thay done so far…thay all know what ther doing and make you very welcome,:slight_smile:

Tug - you having a mid life crisis?? Yo seem to be on a mission to cover yourself in tatts, lol.

Phew good job you can spell sherrie, ya nearly gave the old boy heart attack ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was the Oompa Loompa in a Simpson your idea then Tel?:smiley:

Keep away from needles chunks…ya go pop :smiley:

think I will have to mail a picture see if it can be done into tattoo

He is a bit old for a midlife crisis :w00t:

Maybe Stace does an OAP special :wink:

Knowing Tugs the old perv he’s probably getting his kicks out of the pain lol

It looks good Tugs.:slight_smile:

roflmao - that’s deep :laugh:Good work though Stace :slight_smile:

no probs, pm me :slight_smile:

nice tat tug!!

Very nice! now have the tattoo bug myself had my second one done last week not through here though!

Is that suppose to be you Tug, Looks a bit slim dont it. Have you been working out

Looks good, but who took a bite out of your lid? :smiley: