praise- infinity in holborn

biggup to these guys, who did the searching around for a particular lid i wanted and came up with it , delivered and ready to collect for me on the same day. They gave good advice generally. thanks .

It’s a shame that they insulted me when I went in last year…

I went in to buy a magnetic map tank bag and the guy was telling me that I couldn’t have one of those for my bike (at this point I hadn’t been asked or said what bike I had). I let him go on to explain that I needed a bike with a tank so I could secure the map bag to it.

Eventually I decided to ask the guy to come out of the shop and show me why the map bag wouldn’t fit on my bike… The look on his boss’ face as he came back into the shop was priceless!

Moral of the story is: don’t assume a girlie biker rides a scoot

PS. Infinity in Great Portland street is better

You can’t fit a magnetic map tank bag to your bike.

All the best bikes have plastic tanks

Must say I found Infinity in Clapham rubbish. Ok if you know exactly what you want but if you want advice forget it! Haven’t been there for nearly a year now though so maybe there has been some staff changes.

nope they are still the same…you should try getting through to them on the poxy phone!

I know it won’t fit on my new bike… It was last year with my old bike hunny x

I 2nd that! All the best bikes have plastic tanks

74 people have viewed this in 24 hours, just goes to show that good advice is important and noted -suppliers be aware.

Not matter what the people are like selling the goods its the price that you will go for. I don’t mind the person being a twit if I get a good deal. At the end of the day I’m not their friend and am only there to pick a deal up. If I was paying normal price then I’d go somewhere else