Praise - Infinity, Hanger Lane June 2019

Bought a new Shoei from Infinity on 6/6/19. Very helpful staff, Nick, Jacob and Josh.

After buying a Shoei NXR which was discounted to £300, I looked at some intercoms. Jacob very kindly let me try on his Shoei NXR which had an intercom fitted. The music quality was ok. I was told there was a 20% discount on intercoms that are bought with helmets. I then looked at the Cardo Freecom 4+ which apparently had better quality speakers (JBL), and a few other benefits. The discounted price was £188, and Nick (the manager) then did a refund on the helmet and resold it to me in order to allow me the discount. He then installed it for me in only a few minutes. Josh was helpful giving me advice of how, and how not, to clean the visor, as I also bought a tinted Pinlock for it.

All three guys were extremely helpful and although I was only intending to buy a helmet, I am pleased to have spent the extra money on a great headset. Now I have to learn how to use the voice commands for it.

Thank you guys for excellent customer service.

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Yep they were great when I bought some new leather trousers.