Praise - Infinity Great Portland St

I bought an Arai Chaser from there on August 15, 2010 - I know the exact date because I’m fanatic about keeping receipts for anything to do with the bike.

Over the last few months, the visor had become really sticky on one side and during my epic ride from Glasgow to London (boring as f**k) on Monday, a small bubble started to appear in the pinlock.

I took the helmet in yesterday and immediately after I had explained the problem, the assistant, Dale Ollis, said: “No problem, I think I can fix that pretty quickly.”

Ten minutes later, the whole thing was as good as new and he had pointed out that as Arai dealers, they offer free six-monthly services.

The next thing I did was buy a £150 security chain but the cost didn’t seem so bad after getting service like that.

Were it always that easy.