Praise - Hearology Borough High Street


So had custom earplugs made for me last year because my can is a  little on the noisy side!

Had my ears cleaned with a vacuum and a hearing test.

All good so the plugs are working a treat.

Thoroughly recommend for bikers and their office is very close to Borough Market as well.

Ask for Vince or Laurence and say you are a member of London Bikers and say I recommended you.


How much did you pay?


I did various other things and included several family members so they did me a deal.

The offer they ran last year for bikers was a cleaning, ear test and custom plugs for £125 but that has finished now.

Suggest you give Laurence and Vince a call and see what they can do.


What about the rest of us?

Why not get a quieter can?



Got my plugs from them a while back - very happy with the service and the product


Ha! That’s why I’m getting you a good deal at Hearology. I care about you guys.

As for cagers…well you know what they say. A noisy bike is a safe bike!