Praise: Hastings insurance

Just needed to brag about it a bit 'cause it made me so happy this morning, insurance dropped from £240 to £170 for this year, yessssssss, god bless comparison sites;)


I Go Compare at every renewal, can’t fault it. I won’t dampen your elation by revealing what my current premiums are :wink:

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I use, when I checked all the comparisons sites a couple of years ago Confused had more insurers than all the others. However some companies (e.g. Direct Line) are not on any comparison sites.

If you don’t look beyond the top quotes (lowest first) its six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Just make sure you don’t tick the option that says something like ‘only show companies you can swap to via this PCW’.

However this doesn’t feel like much of a praiseworthy post. The company didn’t go the extra mile, they just got a good deal.on via said PCW…

Some might even say that if you go a year without incident you should see your premium go down. But that would be nuts, no?