(Praise) Hartgate Motorcycles Mitcham

Not only are they helpful, cheerful, and friendly, they also know their stuff AND more importantly they do not rip women off! I took my blade in to have my acumen alarm fixed. They couldn’t fix it, so they changed it for a new one. The second alarm was also faulty - not a problem, the bike was booked in again and work carried out. At the same time time they also fitted my autocom. The charge? None. Loan bike? Yes, a brand new 900 Hornet, no charge.

Last week I popped in to ask how I change over grips - in a couple of minutes, the old ones were off and the new ones were fitted. The charge? None.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never received service like this anywhere in London. These guys are getting all my and David’s business on our bikes from this day forward.

You must’ve used that subtle art of female persuasion by turning up in your smallest bikini!

I bought my CBR there two years ago and they were ok, bit of a trek though.