Praise - Ginger

We all know how helpful Ginger is and tonight he proved his worth.

On the way home from the Herts meet two people went on reserve, knowing they can get 50 miles on res they continued their journey home, only to run out of petrol on the A40 :Whistling: (50 miles this time turned into 26 on one bike and 36 on the other) :unsure:

Whilst these two people and Sherrie waited by the roadside Ginger went off in search of a petrol garage and cans, which became a nightmare. After a long wait and Ginge going from garage to garage he eventually went and got the cans from home.

Next thing we see Ginge head down, arse up passing us on the opposite side of the A40 … followed by Traffic with blue lights flashing :pinch: We thought Ginge was in for it, so Sherrie did a runner… something about some small numbers and letters :wink: . Ginger pulled up and a few seconds behind so did plod. Ginger carried on getting the petrol out of his top box, plod got out and asked if we were ok then realised it was all being sorted, he said a member of the public had reported us being stranded at the roadside but as things were ok they’d leave us to it. . . Not before sitting in the car doing a check on the registrations :smiley: No problem with that.

Ginger you are a star and always willing to go that little bit extra, thanks. :slight_smile:

That’s the last time Mark & I will believe the reserve mileage. :blush:

Good job Ginger!!! Nice one indeed…

Top job, Ginge! Well done you :smiley:


Well that was an interesting ride home :wink: Whilst all that was going on we were relaxing with a nice cuppa.

Well done Ginger :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one ginge, top man again.

Nice one Ginger me old mate:)

I bet you were glad you had a few bungees on you last night;)

He’s a top fella and no mistaking;)

btw… What’s reserve?;):smiley:

Well done that man, might not have a map for a brain :smiley: , but is reliable and goes out of his way.

hes a pain in teh arse at times (when hes had red bull, coke or relentless!) but hes got a heart of gold and will do anything for a fellow biker, LB wouldnt be teh same without him, big up ginger! love you man!

:D:D:D:D:Dwell done ginge;)

What an absolute star:D Well done ginge big gold star for you;)

Top man:) would not have expected less:cool: one of the best.

If he hadn’t syphoned your tanks out in the first place you’d have had enough to get you home;):smiley:

Praise indeed for our ginger freak.

Well done mate, at last you are growing up into a nice bloke.:smiley: