praise..giant motorcycles!!!!

Yesterday,my clutch cable snapped as i was comming up the a20.

As i was heading up to farningham anyways…i rememberd seeing a few car shops just past brands in the past and thought i if i could make it there…i’ll be in a better position than i am now…

So with clutchless gear changes, i wimperd to the formula 1 shop just past the race track…i told the owner of my plight and he made just one phone call and giant motorcycles were with me in flash,strapped my bike in a van and took me to the shop at the rear of the racetrack.

At the shop,they offerd me a cuppa tea while they sought a clutch cable.

but unfortunatley they didnt have one new,but being the true bikers that they are,they actully took one off of their sale bikes in order to get me home…i had to pay for it as new but hey…it got me outta the s*it!!!

it was then as the guy who was working on my bike told me of that lil problem that posted yesterday in the advice forum…

So yea…good bunch of guys in that shop…and i will be going back again…i didnt even have to pay for them picking me up…bonus!!


Sounds like you had a result and also sounds like you got treated very well. Have heard good mutterings about the shop before, its the one just by the paddock entrance into the circuit. If you go up the hill a little way, away from the paddock entrance you get to Brands Hatch Performance, another motorcycle shop.