Praise: Gerbing G3 Heated Gloves

I got the Gerbing G3 heated gloves after getting fed up of arriving at work with my fingers feeling like they are going to fall off… It wan’t so much the cold in the air causing this but touching the leavers. I was meaning to get them for a while but I hate thick gloves so it put me off a bit.

The gloves
The gloves are thick in comparison to the non-heated type but for a heated glove its pretty thin (especially in comparison to the EX02). The build quality is good and I can see them lasting 2 or 3 winters. My mate had the EX02 which was purchased around the same time as mine and he has gone through a faulty pair and got sent a faulty replacement.

The G3s come with a heat control with 4 settings. Riding home today at -1 degrees using 50% of the heat available was more than enough. Not expecting them to be so hot when I first used them, I used them on full whack. Result? Almost burnt knuckles.

There are some downsides to the glove but not ones that concern me too much. The first is that it isn’t waterproof but a bit of Nikwax Glove Proof will sort that out. The second is that the Microwire in the fingers doesn’t feel as hot as the rest of the hand but that might be because I’m holding on to metal leavers.

I paid £99.99 from Two Wheel Centre which was the cheapest I could find. Delivery was quick; about 2 days. Haven’t had the need to test the customer care so can’t comment.

Would I recommend them?
Hell yeah!

**Just want to make clear I don’t work for Gerbing or Two Wheel Centre.

Wouldn’t mind a pair myself :slight_smile:

Bought the hybrid ones and although I’ve not fully tested them on a ride yet they feel pretty toasty, can’t wait to test them out properly.

once you get used to the sequence of plugging them in, heated gloves are brilliant!

Could get the hand of stuffing these and the wires under my sleeve so the heated grips went back on

The armoured hybrids with all the kit can be got for £140 and I must say I am well impressed with them.

I was impressed with mine the one time I used them…

Then I left the battery cable dangling on the exhaust…and fried it. Oh dear :pinch:…

Note to self- when I get the new cable must remember to run the wire on the non-exhaust side this time.

I’ve just got the wires semi-permanently threaded through my jacket. Just slotted it in between jacket and zip in thermal liner, then cable tied it at the wrists and the control box at my waist. So I just fling jacket on, plug in gloves to dangly cables handing out of wrists then plug control box to bike, job done! It’s like having mittens on string again, like when I was toddler!

I’ve got the Hybrid ones, how do they differ from these G3?

I think it’s pain in a back to plug them in and out.

I tried the armoured ones but found them incredibly uncomfortable on the back of the fingers…

Swapped them for the Hybrid ones and they are bloody amazing!

True, plugging them in for short journeys is a pain in the arse, but I’m trying to come up with a cheap battery solution for commuting use…

Will share my solution on here once I’ve got it working… :slight_smile:

Please do!

Will do Dan! Do your G3 gloves have a battery pouch? If not you might have to figure out a way of strapping on a battery…

Just tuck it up my sleeve :slight_smile: