Praise for Wayne Bowens

A mate for mine bought a repsol blade last year, an abs model, and it was the only one at the time in the country.
He called Wayne Bowens and arranged to go down on the sunday, not realising it was closed…Wayne was more than happy to go in on his day off.
My mate bought the bike there and then, and before we could say thank you, he says his wife had made some lunch, and we wasnt allowed to say no!!!
After a handful of tea and sandwiches we set off back to london, gobsmacked at the hospitality recieved and made even better by some of the lovely roads we managed to take on.
A week later my mate picked the bike up and was offered some lunch again, but decided to get on the bike straight away.
Although miles away, would recommend this dealer, not sure if everyone would get lunch, but goes to show some people know how to sell bikes!!!