Praise for DG Rider Training in Orpington for DAS

Dave got me through the DAS in 3 days and £400. I was pretty experienced on a manual 125 already so that was part of the deal.
As you can see from the pic tho - he’s a good teacher (first time pass, zero faults, thanks Dave!!(boast boast))
Try him at

Congrats! Dave was also my trainer, I recommend him as well.

Did my 3-day DAS course with him too and couldn’t be happier! Fantastic instructor!!

thank you guys what can i say, T bone special then whos up for a food challange lol

seriously tho guys keep an eye on the web site got some trips planned to Belgium next year for ice cream yes yes its very good ice cream and worth the ride its a great day out to

ride safe

Wow its been a while since I posted as I can’t access my original account but managed to get this one working.
Hope all my ex students who visit here are well I’m plugging x2 spaces I have left for x3 day only das /a2 course I have going spare for April.
You must have a current license, CBT and theory and at least 4 or 5 weeks riding £500 all inclusive

Ride safe

Ola Dave, I’m still here alive and kicking. I’m going to plug Dave again, great instructor so anyone looking should defo sign up with him.

Hi sleeper thanks for the support. The april dates are now reserved am taking bookings for may now x3 spaces left mod1s all pre booked some mod2s as well. Full or short course
[email protected]

Hi guys due to someone failing there theory test :confused: i have x1 space for an experienced 125 rider or other who wants to take their A2 or Das on one of my x3 day courses. You must have experience a current cbt and valid theory pass certificate.
Training day on wed 1st may mod1 test thursday 2nd may mod 2 tba all inclusive £590.

Thanks for the replies guys n girls but you must have a valid theory pass certificate before starting the course.
Only x1 space left last week of may