Praise Essential Rubber

So after a bit cock-up last time when I was changing tires in FWR (bad scratch on rim and 4 hr to change one wheel) I make decision to give a go here, besides is much closer and we have LB10% voucher code.
Nice smile at arrival, silly thing but you feel welcome. Guy remembers name and my call, then other took the bike, take care to change front and back. Polite with explanation if is needed and all within 1hr-ish (wasn’t first but there was no drama they know the drill and the queue).

Thank you guys at Essential Rubber for great service, definitely worth every penny, and they have now another happy, more likely returning, client.


They are a great bunch of guys (and girl) down there… :slight_smile:

Good banter, great service and advice, great prices…

To give you an idea, they are on completely the wrong side of town for me - I live in Epsom - and I will only go there for my tyres nowadays.

Doing the same from Hayward’s Heath may be a bit more difficult but will have to see…

I live in Bishops stortford and If I don’t do a job myself Il go out of my way to go there…

According to google maps you have to go farther in miles but about 15-20 mins less in time :wink:

Brilliant place. Can’t recommend them enough :slight_smile:

Im a slow rider… I do 10% of the speed limit… 30mph = 3mph & so on… :Wow:

I go there always. Colin and mick are great chaps

Was there today at 12, two new PR3’s in under an hour and cheaper than anywhere else in London.

So we miss each other by that much ( |----| ) <-- that much.

And another nice thing was my pressure sensors told me exact pressure which I was running before hand, don’t have to say a word about it. Will come back as “The Girl” have some triumph stuff she don’t need.


Really |—| that much :smiley:

So what did you get Robert?

PR3 as everyone was happy with them and I need some extra confidence during current weather conditions.


ps. bike does not look sporty anymore :frowning:

Damn, I was hoping to slag you off but now I can`t.

You have made the wisest choice of your life.

Remember, future choices in all aspects of life are unlikely to be so propitious.:slight_smile:

Well get off it then :w00t:

Falling off without


I have to say I totally agree with the compliments about these guys & girl, just had a new front tyre this morning, got me straight in, good chat and advice, and a really good check before leaving. Colin also made sure I took it steady while the tyre scrubs in. Definitely go back for the rear when it needs doing.:slight_smile:

Sorry to darken this thread but i have to SHAME Essential Rubber was in there yesterday and didn’t once get offered a cuppa tut tut tut. :wink:

had good service myself from E.R about a week ago. this is the second time i have used them previous was for new tires and that was a great experience too. new chain and sprockets fitted with a smile and an offer of a hot drink and a chat all for £22 and done within half an hour (i already bought the components)

brilliant place. and much more friendlier than that “other” well known place