Praise - Essential Rubber (again!)


I’ve been looking to get a last minute service done on the bike today, ideally in West London, ready for the Jets ride tomorrow.

I don’t think the bike’s been serviced properly for a good few thousand miles, and not in a garage for 8,000+ miles (thanks Dad) so I was ready to pay £200+ (admittedly that might include spark plugs).

Everywhere I checked was booked up for the weekend, so I “gave up” and took the bike over to Essential Rubber’s new venue 40 mins away.

Mick did a thorough job, changed oil, adjusted and oiled chain, checked lots of bits and pieces - all okayed by him, enough brakes remaining etc - and all done while Essential’s power was cut off by some works on the road nearby! As their card machine was down, I got a fair bit of cash out ready to pay. But the final bill for all that … just £30!

Perhaps a bit more needs doing yet, but the bike is already working better than it has done for a long while after the oil change and Mick’s tweaks - so thanks Mick, it was worth the ride and thoroughly recommend again. :slight_smile:

Oil and filter is at least 35 quid normally…result!