Praise!!!!!!!! Enfield Police.

Well done to all at Enfield Police, had a bike stolen from the shop on Tuesday night and they found it today.

Running on false plates, and spotted by an unmarked car I think, so they tailed it and waited until it parked up, shame the two clowns on it managed to escape, but at least the bike was not broken up for bits. Just hated the idea of that, even though it’s not mine, just something about a decent bike getting nicked and sold on Ebay or whatever.

If I had a fish and chip shop, would be free suppers all round !:wink:

Makes a change :smiley:

What shop is that then? I bet the bikes owner is happy.

Shop in north london, Broadway. They tried to get 2 away, but one stalled and the kid dropped the bike and then ran off.