PRAISE: Dobles in Coulsdon

Bought my spanking 07 Fireblade from them 2 weeks ago. Good trade-in price, Good deal on new bike, Good sales (Paul and Mike).

Noticed a crack in the fairing the next day, luckily I had photo to prove it was there when I bought the bike from them. (Posted this story elsewhere). I could complain that they should have noticed it before they handed it over, but they were very reasonable when I rang up to ask them to replace it.

They have just done the 600 miles service, replaced the cracked fairing FOC, added a tinted screen and replaced the tank on a Honda recall – all at the service centre down the road from the showroom while I waited. Good guys, kept me entertained too and a superb experience all round.

Was that today, was there a short girl dithering over a CBF500 while you were there ? If so Hello … :smiley:

I bought my new cbr600rr from Paul at Dobles, he price matched the best price I could find and that was a big saving. My next Honda will be through them as well.

Cannot fault Dobles, always good to deal with them and great communication from the workshop.

Hi Trisckie

I was there a while so saw a lot of girls come and go (as well as walking to Purley and back for absolutely no reason).
I’m guessing you were at their showrooms rather than at their service centre?
So, did you buy it?

I was, and yes i did :w00t:

Superb Bike. Used to have one. Enjoy! :slight_smile: