Praise- Daws at J&S Gants Hill

I’ve been meaning to post since last week. I waded in with my enormous leather trousers (yay for losing weight) and Daws patiently helped me find a pair that actually fitted :slight_smile: Fab service and a nice discount too!

Be careful of that Daws bloke !! Watch him :w00t:

JOKING ! Top fella for helping

This thread doesn’t work without pictures :wink:

Daws is a great guy, Bought new bits and bobs and always had a great service, cup of tea too!

Keep it up chap!

Pictures? Really? I’ll see what I can do once I get home, Arfa’s been nagging me to write about the trials of buying leathers off ebay for his blog. The old jeans were comedy big, I can get then over a pair of jeans, a pair of long johns and still do them up with a belt. Bit scary that they only just did up when I bought them. Not finished with the losing mind, I’ve still got a way to go but i’m getting there, so will probably be back for another pair when these get comedy big too.

My boys are good:D

nice to see some Praise for him, hes a good man:)