praise dan (on the back wheel) hein-gericke

pressure sales :w00t:? no unlike some shops i go in to buy clothing dan let me try on what i wanted after nearly anhour of trying on different suits makes sizes finally setteled on an alpinestars octane 2 piece suit like this (but 2 piece)

was greeted with a friendly welcome and offered a cuppa , then went to pay for the £529 suit not only did Dan through in some knee sliders but also gave a 10% discount as im a london biker

great unpressured help and my new suit for £476 :cool:

will be going back when i need some more stuff;)

nice to meet you dan :slight_smile:

Hi Mate

I cant believe Ive missed this topic.

Thankyou ever so much for posting about me/us, its always a pleasure serving Londonbikers members and Ill always try and sort you out something where possible.

Cor, Im all welling up know, hahahaha

Nice to meet you too matey, welcome anytime

Kind regards


If you keep this up Dan you are going to get swamped with LBer’s:w00t: