Praise - curry house brick lane

Spice Brick Lane, 45 Brick Lane, London E1 - 020 2479699

Awsome place with a really nice, unhustley guy on the door who took the time to talk us through the menu. I ordered something totally new for the first time as someone took the time to tell me what was in it and what it would taste like!!

We haggled a deal which meant we paid a decent price for stuff we wanted and not for starters and stuff which we didnt - £10 for beer, curry and rice or nan - and it tasted fab!!

Did you know that one man owns the whole of Brick lane, and all the shops belong to him, he is the Curry Baron, and there is an intricate system of tunnels ferrying curry from shop to shop, so its actually the same in any of the shops you go in despite what they may tell you! :smiley:

Call me a cynic, but I always think that you get smaller portions in the ones that offer good deals / discounts.
Dunno why I’m moaning, I can never finish the fuggin things after a bellyfull of beer anyway !

watch channel one now about curry houses there they just found ecoli there!

Wot? You went to Brick Lane wivout me? :crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying:

You wait;):P:D:D:D:D

Calm down Chunky, have some cake:

Eurgh uncomfortable viewing for a curry enthusiast :sick:
But saying that I’ve eaten out at loads of curry houses and haven’t really got anything worse than a rumbling tummy and perpetual fart the next day.

…but ffs those guys washing their feet in the kitchen sink in prep for muslim prayer :sick:

washing feet ears hair hole body in there! even spiting flem:sick: lool

My dear chap, The Battenburg Club is a totally different thread to The Curry Club;):smiley:

Sorry Chunky, just thought you might be hungry as you had no curry.

(It’s chappess tonight, chap has gone to France for a week, posts may not be the same for a while. I’ll get the hang of it).

I do apologize, i should have realised that the posts have been rather more rational tonight;):smiley:


anybody see rogue restraunts last night on bbc 1?:sick:

This reminds me of Sid Watkins autobiography, he was F1’s head medical guy. He was also great freinds with Aytron Senna who visited Professor Watkins at the Royal London where he had his day job. One evening Sid took Ayrton to a restaurant in Brick Lane. Imagine being there and waking up the next day. F**k me I must have been pissed last night I thought I saw Ayrton Senna in the curry house :w00t: