Praise: CTEK smart chargers

I let the battery from one of my bikes go flat, tested with a voltmeter it was at 10v. This usually means two of the cells have shorted together and the battery is useless.

Took 3 cycles of recovery mode on my charger, but it fixed up the battery and it’s back to fully charged :slight_smile:
I have the 5A version, but the smaller one is on sale at the moment too.


I’ve been looking for another after my optimate failed…powercut then it didn’t restart process of charging when bike was in storage, 9 months later I realised and flat as a pancake and unrecoverable

Do you know if this would reinitiate itself post power cut??

Certainly would. Often I cut all power when I leave the garage then turn it back on the next day. It might not recall the same charge mode but the default is bike anyway

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Had this before, but I just connect in parallel with a charged battery and to a battery charger and in just one cycle it recovers. Seems it cheats the battery charger to allow it to start charging