Praise - County Radiators

Praise for County Radiators in Basildon(Essex land).

My radiator blew up a couple of weeks ago. I was understandably upset because this meant I had to drive my Peugeot to work.

Now suzuki want £430 plus VAT for a new radiator for my bike(GSX650F), but helpfully Johns of Romford pointed me to county rads.

Took my radiator down to them to have a look at. Unfortunately I had used some epoxy metal stuff to seal the rad to get me home, otherwise it would have cost me £30 for them to plug the holes with their special resin.

As it was, the radiator was fooked. However the nice men at County Rads said they could build me a new one to exactly the same size/specs as my original, only out of Copper, which would be a few ounces heavier but easier to repair if I ever need to again.

All for 1/3 the price of the OE Suzuki one. :open_mouth:

I’ll take it says I, and now 5 days later it is fixed perfectly to my bike and working like a dream. Ace.

Just came across this praise posting from a few years back. I’ve used County radiators a few months ago. The post above talks about a “re-core” I think. For me they repaired a leak on my KLV1000 (DL1000) rad . They didn’t charge a fortune (£35 I think versus £500 for a new rad!). So - these guys can save you a packet!

They also tested another rad I had (someone had supplied a DL650 rad saying it was the same - it isn’t. I still have the DL650 rad if anyone needs one…