Praise - ChunkyMonkey

When I first met the legend at the Ace on a Newbie night, we got chatting about filtering and, of course, he repeated the mantra “Watch the Wheels”.

Since reading the various forum posts here I have see the same advice time and again from the man - “Watch the Wheels”.

Well, I was thinking about this advice earlier in the week and felt I needed to add a Praise post - I reckon ChunkyMonkey has saved my life about 20 times in the last 6 months and at least twice in the last 2 weeks.

Thanks mate!

Aww shucks blush:smiley:

It’s nice of you to aknowledge my mantra and I’m glad it has saved you a few times mate.:slight_smile:

It’s not rocket science but something people ignore often.

IMO the majority of posts I read about vehicles doing a right in front of a filtering bike can be avoided easily.

Just look out for front wheels on full right lock:cool:

All hail the Munkster :cool::kiss::wink:

He loves his green LEDs, but he’s a man you can trust…honest :laugh:

i must praise the man himself aswell as he is a quick excellant buyer :smiley: