PRAISE - Burwins

Called into Burwins on my way home from nights and asked about removing a rounded off allen bolt in my rear sets. They took the bike in straightaway, spent half hour trying to remove it with different size allen keys then said they’d have to drill it out. Offered to do it there and then but as i didnt have the new bolt with me i told em i’d drop it back. That way i could wait while they fixed it or leave it there overnight if need be, start nights at 18:00 and pick it up on the way home in the morning. Took the bike back in at 15:30 as arranged and at 15:50 bike was all done and i was only charged what i thought was a small amount for the work.
Friendly, efficient and cheap to boot. Thanks guys.
One negative though was that i was in Islington 2 hours early for work !!!