Praise: Brian Nicholson of BN Race Science

I’m was getting bounced out of the seat of my toy, so looked for a suspension expert. I wanted to get it done with MCT in Suffolk, but they are booked up for the next two months. I’m not surprised about that, I’ve used them before and their reputation is excellent.

After researching this section, I found that not only is Brian great at setting up suspension, he also has a good reputation for friendly advice and enthusiasm, and when I rang him , the was certainly the impression he gave me too. So I’m booked in with him for 3/9/15.

Brian is a lovely guy. He did some adjustments and it certainly felt better on a little test run down that area. But he pointed out that the rear tyre is a 50 profile when it should be a 55. He said that does a second set of adjustments for free within 4000 miles or 6 months, and changing the rear tyre to the correct profile will make a noticeable difference. So we agreed that there’s no point in making further changes at present, and that I’d get new tyres first, then he’ll complete the setting up.

His charge was £80 and LondonBikers get 10% off. So I let him keep the difference as a tip, and will get get the toy back to him to finish of the job in a couple of days.

Riding back home, I noticed that the toy is better on the small bumps in the road, soaking them up smoothly. It steers differently though, so going to have to get used to that. Looking toward to getting it fully set up.

I had new tyres fitted on 4/9/15 from Burwin Motorcycles. The new tyres increased the seat height noticeably.

I reutrn to Brian on 9/9/15 and he spent about 30 minutes making further adjustments. The ride height is now lower again, and I could get both feet flat on the ground, which I couldn’t do when the proper sized tyres were fitted.

After a weekend away (11-13/9/15) in Hinckley, Leicestershire, riding with a group of 33 bikers, I found the toy to be much better handling. I would say that it went from 2 stars and is now up to 4 stars. Until I’ve done a lot more riding, I cannot say that it’s perfect at present, but I can say that Brian’s work was very good indeed and he’s improved my bike dramatically. Brian also has a very freindly dispositon and likes to explain things through. I like that as it shows confidence and helps to school me up.

Well done Brian Nicholson of BN Racing.

+1 for Brian…