After meeting B last year when i was doing some rookie 600 bemsee rounds in my orange nobba bib season, we’ve stayed in contact and after having a real hard time setting the 675 up this year he’s been a fantastic help throughout the season.Always willing to talk to me about what the bikes doing on track and his setup advice nearly always made a very noticeable difference when i tried the suggested things by B. End result was over 30 top 5’s about 15 or so top 3’s and 3 wins this year - aboard a Triumph which i was meant to do crap on according to nearly everyone when i got it! I’m sure i’d of had a lot more difficulty riding the bike fast without B’s setup…

So if you have a bike that handles like a pig pm B

Top man cheers for 07 dude. Now if we can just get that sponsor for BSB next year… crew chief? :w00t::cool:

Cheers Sam it’s been great fun:D and seeing the huge improvements you have made is not all down to my efforts but does make my work all the more worthwhile:cool:

It was a tall order to be ready for the BSB paddock in the British Junior Superstock series next year (which replaces the R6 Cup next year) but you’re ready!

Just hope the finances can be put in place, that’s the only things slowing you down.

It’ll be good being the underdog again, there’s no pressure and you’ll get more recognition when you surprise a few:cool:

Looking forward to next season mate:) …now stop eating all the cakes and get down the gym:P

i second that sammo,i went to see B today,

he had a look at my SV, there wasnt alot he could do with it,but he had a little play…a what a difference!:smiley: even tho B himself said he didnt do much to it, it feels much better!, turns quicker, front end is less soft and bouncy, feels better braking and accelerating, it holds a line through a corner better,:slight_smile: oh and filtering is much easier, its done my confidence the world of good!!

thanks B, your a top man! if anyone has suspension probs, B is the man,highly recommended!

PS. i couldnt find the A406 on the way back, ended up in hammersmith!..follow the signs…FOLLOW the signs…

again, nice one B;)