Praise - BN Race Science - Suspension setup

After the bike feeling a little vague on the BCR (my excuse for being at the back) I decided to take my wallowing sofa to Brian at BN Race Science to have the suspension setup. This is something I’ve always wanted to have done, but like a lot of things I never managed to get round to it. Brian comes highly recommended on here and rightly so.

The difference is night and day; I could notice the changes just by sitting on it. It’s hard to describe, but it’s infinitely more planted, stable and confidence inspiring. Most importantly for me, it feels so much safer on the brakes. This will now be the first thing I have done on any bike I have. Brian was friendly, extremely knowledgable and took the time to attempt to explain the black magic that is suspension as I nodded pretending to understand! Nice to have the bike checked over as part of the service, a general health check gives peace of mind. I had dialled in the “sport” settings from the manual, which were clearly a load of tosh.

Brian’s a magician, if you haven’t had your suspension setup then go see this man and give him your money!

BN Race Science


It’s like he’s put lead in your pencil. I know he did mine as while back. May take him up on the minor adjustment offer to tweak the rear now l understand the feel better

You won’t believe the difference it makes to your bike. If you have adjustable suspension get it booked in. It’s a much better investment than an exhaust or trick levers.

He’s a top bloke and as Joby says money well spent!

Been thinking about doing it for a while. No idea if anything even needs to be changed but would be interesting to hear what a professional says.

Cypher your bike does need it
I’ve need to find some time to get mine sorted

Brian’s done 4 of my bikes now and was the first thing I had done on delivery of my 899.
Lovely fella too.

I thought my 1000RR was awesome when I bought it, Brian made it awesomer!

Just took my new-to-me 1290 SAR to @B for a setup. The man is a wizard.

I thought the vague handling was the combination of unfamiliar bike, part worn tyres, 21 inch front and long travel suspension but I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Feels like I have new tyres, it’s lighter, more planted, supportive, turns in easier and I’m not pogoing down the road anymore. Chicken strips pretty much gone from ride home.

Highly recommended, the first thing you should do on any bike is take it to Brian for a setup. Honestly, can’t believe the difference!


Totally agree. He did mine two years ago.

I saw the Facebook post! I thought it was brilliant you took a SAR for adjustment!
They’re seriously capable bikes, and have top-notch gear. Nice to know you get a huge improvement out of it.

Aye, great bikes. No point having fully adjustable everything if you don’t adjust it!

I want to try it on some lanes!