PRAISE! - Anchorman

Hey all,

Thanks to Andy from Anchor man! Top bloke, after contacting him for a price on a groundhog 5, Andy came to my house for a survey with my housing partnership weeks in advance and was patient while they pulled thier fingers out of thier arses and gave me the go-ahead, and Andy was here on a saturday of all days where he fitted my anchor descreetly and with excellent workmanship.

Cost me 250 quid and a cup of coffee, but seeing the extent of the groundworks required, and knowing that I did not have the tools to get through the tarmac/binding and the brick and clinker fragments below, this is money well spent. Took andy about 2 hours.

The local residents are happy because it extracts, housing parnership is happy coz they got a free ground anchor, and I’m happy coz now I have security. Thank you Andy your a star.

Get your anchors supplied and installed here LB =