Praise: ALMAX

Yes, I know, another Almax praise! Bu they were excellent so I thougt to give them credit!Very helpful, honest and plenty of advise for my particular scoot and in general.

I was surprised to hear when asked for disc locks, that its as easy as putting a scateboard under the wheel and them off they go!

I also got 10pounds off thanks to Londonbikers!

The scoot is costing me a fortune, but at least I know its money well spent, and also I am doing informed purchases with a discount, so THANK YOU londonbikers!



get a proper motorbike

I know, I know! I will when I put the money together!

I was after an Aprilia Caponord 1000, but I couldnt afford the model I wanted (post 2006 with ABS). Still you can find them at bargain prices, but my bank account is not there yet!

If you do manage to get a Caponord, Ole Smiler will be happy:DHe’s bored being the only member of the Caponord Club:D