Praise: AllYearBiker/Winners Detailing (Essex)

Had my bike deep-cleaned and ACF-50’d by the AllYearBiker franchise in Chigwell (Winners Detailing). I’m not exactly obsessive about cleaning, but by the time they’d finished it was looking as good as new. Better maybe. Colin even gave us a lift to/from the tube so we could spend a few hours wandering around the Westfield while they worked. Would definitely recommend, and will be back next year.

Seconded - had mine done a little while back by the Southampton AllYearBiker franchisee. Superb clean and ACF  treatment, well worth the money. Won’t both washing it again until Spring.

Jons Holloway near Aylesbury is great as well.

I get him to do my bikes once a year and then top it up myself when necessary.