Praise: AllBikeSpares - Greenwich

I lost a front calliper bolt whilst upgrading the brake lines and I couldn’t wait for the dealers to order it in for me.

I tried 2B spares but the guy was just rude and did not want to be helpful. He had no clue what customer service is and was being rude for no particular reason.

I then asked M1 salvage but they normally provide bolts with the relevant parts or just bin them.

Finally I rang All Bike Spares (part of All Bike Engineering). Very friendly and happy for me to come down and look through a bucket of bolts they fill when striping bikes. I charged down there in the car and found the OEM bolt in 5 mins. How much do you think they charged me? … Zilch. That is a result in itself but they are so polite, welcoming and friendly that I had to post a praise against their name.

Good customer service is what makes the difference and in these hard times I reckon that might just tip which businesses fold and which prosper.

Thanks once more to ABE.

yes ABE are really good.

Yes, they are good and very helpful. Had new fork stanchions from them. Really good quality too.

very good guys, always a good job done!

They never answer the phone. So they ain’t that good

ABE were great - needed new front discs as mine were warped and as they’re not a standard item they had to machine them from blanks, which was a damn sight cheaper than getting original ones…

Unfortunately, one of the machines broke down and we had to wait a week longer whilst they waited for the engineer and parts to arrive. As a result they also gave me a hefty discount on the already great price :slight_smile: They also kept us informed all the time. Great service.