Praise Adz (again!)

seems there are many praise Adam threads recently but have to create another one!

as you know my sunday ride come to an abrupt end with a leaking fork seal. as soon as i stopped swearing and calmed down. i called Adam for advice.

he not only confirmed what i was going to do and assured me that it would be ok to ride but he also booked the bike in and ordered the parts in a very short notice!

so come tues Adam turns up collects the bike and leaves to do his magic! as he was going to do one seal it made sense to do both and to add heavier fork oil and change the headstock bearings as they were notchy

So Wend evening (yesterday) bikes fixed and i no longer have to use the tube! hurrah!

As always Adam did a stellar job the bike feels amazing! and to top it off at half the cost that the d/stealer would have charged.

if you need someone to do any work on your p&j (not LBs mod) contact Adam

cheers man…
Always like working on LB’ers bikes, most of my customers are mates off LB that i have done ride outs and track days with or hung out down the west end with.

Your not just handing your bike over to some bod in a shop, your handing it over to some one you know well!