PRAISE : A-Z Motorcycle Training Islington

I just want to empahasise how totally delighted I am with ‘A-Z’ for helping me get safetly and QUICKLY through both my CBT and DAS.:slight_smile:

I’ve already added a post to the comments concerning one displeased learner. It’s a shame for all concerned but really unfair on the school itself as they seem to have followed correct procedure to the letter.

I have absolutely no affiliation with A-Z whatsoever, other than my brief time with them as a student, but I was so genuinely impressed with the whole experience.

I want to redress the ballance and put forward the views of a totally satisfied customer.

B.T.W. - I’m a 45 year old geezer who had never ridden a motorbike in his life and I’m now riding around on a 660cc MT-03 and loving every bloody second of it!:smiley: