Pragmasis Protector/Almax chains tested.....Bennetts insurance

Whenever these chain discussions come up, two things come to mind.
If you are using these at home, presumably you use a ground anchor that is equally as tough to cut, but nobody talks about which one? Surely loads of them are easier to cut than these super chains? What else could you chain to at home?

Secondly, presumably you have on bike luggage to cart more than 10kg of chain around? And when you get there, what on earth is there on the street in London to chain to? If a lamppost wouldn’t you need 3-4 of chain, so 17kg?

Spot on… Never seen the practicality of lugging around huge chains. If the bike spends 90% of its parked time at home, then ok but with any security, once it takes the fun out of biking and turns it into a hassle, there’s no point.

Then again, I don’t ride in London anymore and when I did, I would leave with disclock. Maybe my GSR was never that sought after.

I fitted a ground anchor in a house in Cheltenham for when I visit at weekends. Built it into the ground so cannot be cut. But it’s now covered with leaves as I go to Cheltenham in car

they'll just cut the disk off though  to be fair me_groovy

Indeed. But that is sort of a given when you get any kind of disclock. It’s a compromise between no security, and having to lug around a massive chain.