Pragmasis Chain 16mm 2 metres with Round Lock

Can be picked up near Angel tube station. I paid £160 for it, feel free to make a reasonable offer if you want it. These things are made to last, so other than a bit of street dirt, it’s as new.

Moving to Europe later this summer, so I am selling my trusty and heavy Pragmasis motorcycle chain.

It’s 2m long (you’ll appreciate that length, especially on hefty chains if you want to even stand a chance at getting it around a pole). This is the heavy 16mm variant and it comes with a Round Lock as pictured, all original keys included. Chain has not be nicked or attempted to be cut, all good.

How Much ?

Since the chain is essentially as-new except for some visual marks from being outside, and I paid £160 for it, it would be nice to get £100 back on it, but if someone is able to stop by quickly without much trouble, then I am happy to do £90.



that is a bargin
ill have a think over it

Sold now, to a nice guy who had his R6 stolen and has been waiting all these years to get into biking again. All the best, hopefully this monster of a chain will help. Can be closed. Thanks!